About Us

Welcome to Cobbler Lane Designs – A Tapestry of Inclusivity and Joy, Woven by Marie Maglaya Gabl

Embark on a delightful journey with Cobbler Lane Designs, a unique boutique born from the creative vision of Marie Maglaya Gabl. As a dedicated wife and mother to two wonderful boys, Colton and Austin, Marie infuses her family's warmth and love into every aspect of the store.
Marie's story began in Manila, Philippines, and unfolded across the globe, from her childhood in Northern Virginia to her current life in a charming Chicago suburb with her husband, Tommy. This rich tapestry of experiences shapes the soul of Cobbler Lane Designs.
At Cobbler Lane, we're more than just a store – we're a celebration of Marie's passions and a beacon of inclusivity. Inspired by the whimsical charm of Kawaii Cuties, the captivating allure of spicy books, and a kaleidoscope of bright colors, our collection is a reflection of joy and positivity.
Marie's vision is to create a space where everyone feels welcome, and every item tells a story. Whether it's our custom-made clothing, vibrant tumblers, or small gifts that bring a smile, Cobbler Lane Designs is a testament to the beauty of diversity and the joy of self-expression.
Join us in celebrating the unique, the joyful, and the colorful. Welcome to Cobbler Lane Designs – where every visit is an adventure in happiness.

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